About Dr. Emily Grisé

Dr. Emily Grisé is a forward-thinking transport researcher with the following research specializations:

  • Integrated transport & land use planning
  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty with public transport
  • Pedestrian & bicycle planning
  • Travel behaviour of disadvantaged populations (seniors and people with disabilities)
  • Public transport planning & operations.

Her work is collaborative in nature,  and she has worked with several local and regional transport agencies to directly address issues of concern to key stakeholders, while she has also provided transport expertise in the private sector.

The underlying goal of her research is to develop effective policies that contribute to a more liveable and sustainable society.

Recent Professional Activity

Committee Membership

Transportation Research Board

  • Standing Committee on Public Transportation Marketing and Fare Policy (Member)
  • Standing Committee on Bus Transit Systems (Member)

Recent Professional Work

Expert Advisory Panel Member on Moving People Sustainably in the Bow Valley in Banff National Park

The final report can be accessed here. 

Featured Research

Women and Transport

Identifying the motives behind women’s travel behaviour works to inform equitable data collection methods, transportation planning, and public transit policy.

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Effects of the COVID-19 on Public Transit

This study examined how individuals’ perceptions of transit crowding changed throughout the pandemic.

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Integrating Public Transit and Shared Micromobility Payments

This study explores how shared micromobility services can integrate with public transit through equitable payment structures to address first and last mile issues for light rail transit riders in Seattle, WA, and increase accessibility for low-income households.

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